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5 simple ways to getting things done


Have a hard time getting things done? Do you often use the phrases “I’ll do it later.”, “Well, I will do it tomorrow.” or my favorite “I’ll get to it eventually.” It is natural for us to put things off that we really don’t feel like doing. We just wait last minute to do these things and eventually, we get them done. Wouldn’t it be better to get the job done right away though and be done with it? That is what I tell myself, yet I still will put off things I need to do until later. In this blog post, I will be highlighting what holds people back and how to get stuff done. I barely wrote this post today, but luckily I didn’t put it off.

1. Theres time later.

Technically, yes there is time later. But why don’t you just finish it now? Finish it now and relax, be done with it. If you don’t finish it now, it will remain on your mind the rest of the day. Just daunting there, reminding you constantly you need to do this. I run everyday and if I don’t get my run in the morning, I will just think about how I need to run. Stop putting it off and just finish whatever it is you need to do. Clear it away from your mind and enjoy the rest of your day.

2. Getting Started.

The hardest part to getting anything done is just getting started. Once you are started, the process becomes that much easier. There is less to worry about once you get going. So just bear with it and get going. Who knows, it may not be as bad as you thought it would be. Yet again, another running example, before every race I get nervous, but as soon as the that gun goes off, all my nervousness is gone. This probably isn’t the best example, but I think it applies to the statement that getting started is the hardest part.

3. Make a list.

Lists are a great way to get something done. Write down what you need to for the day. Check off each thing as you complete it. With each check mark, you become that much closer to being free from your chores or errands.

4. Do a good job.

Finish your work/errand/chore the first time. Do a good job on it and get it completely done. There is nothing worse than having to do something you don’t like twice because the first time you half-assed it. Make an honest effort and give it your best. You will feel better about your yourself.

5. Work smarter, not harder.

Save time and think first. What is the fastest, most efficient way I can get this done? Are there tools available? Think to yourself and find out. Time is of the essence in our busy, hectic lives. Make the most of it by cutting out unnecessary work.

We hope you enjoyed this post about getting things done. So why are you still reading? Get going.

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